About Us

We are just a bunch of keen fishermen. We are just like you. We have other jobs and try to get out fishing when we get a chance.

We predominantly boat fish.  We fish in the waters from Coromandel, Bay of Plenty, Hauraki Gulf, Great Barrier, and up north and the West Coast.

We’re not trying to catch monster fish on super light gear. We’re not trying to win fishing contests (although that would be great!). We’re not out to catch world record fish, or go 30 miles offshore looking for the big ones.

We ARE all about going out with mates and family, having lots of fun, and hopefully bringing home a good feed without talking about the ones that got away!

All of the photos in the gallery are family and friends. As you can imagine, they have given us plenty of advice on how to do this and what to list on this website!

So everything here is what works for us. No super light gear and nothing to catch monsters. Just the stuff that we found works around the NZ coast.

So this range is just the gear that we use. From the reel to the hook there is everything you need.

Hot lures, hot gear and hot prices!

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