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Welcome to our fishing website. Please browse the pages of gear we have here. It’s everything we use, and we are sure it’s everything you will need.

There is not a wide range of products. There doesn’t need to be. All fishermen have the stuff that sits in your tackle box for years and you never use. You just chuck it out when it gets rusty and dull. We want to avoid that.

We’ve only got lures, jigs, tackle and gear that really works! We have also tried to keep the prices down. No flash shops with big overheads, and no fancy packaging. Just rip open the courier bag and get into it!

Check out some of the new stuff. Double chance jig heads are totally unique to us. An assist hook to bury in the tail of your soft bait. Brilliant idea!! How often do you just get the tail of your soft bait bitten off?

Most of the jigs are fluorescent, with sparkled bellies. All designed to attract curious and hungry fish.

Some are heavier and designed to drop fast when deep water drifting. Others are more suited to shallow water and trolling or casting. Jigs, lures, braid, trace, sinkers, hooks and a few reels. Its all here!!

Hot lures, hot gear, hot prices!

Buy today. Courier tomorrow!

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